Uttoxeter Learning Trust – Mission, Vision and Values – January 2023

‘Inspired Teaching, Inspiring Children’


Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide an inspiring education for our young people that supports them to reach their full potential and become well rounded, successful citizens.


Our Vision

Our vision is to grow our family of schools, and our pupil and staff community, within Uttoxeter and beyond, to provide an outstanding education and become one of the leading multi-academy trusts in the country.


About Uttoxeter Learning Trust

Through our common purpose and values, we offer an inspiring curriculum that allows our young people to develop both personally and academically.

We do this by inspiring pupils through inspired teaching.  We empower young people to realise their potential and surpass their own expectations from Early Years to Post 16, imparting the knowledge, skills and behaviours to ensure they are fit for the future.

Our all-through schools network enables the ideal transition between phases of education, supporting high levels of progress and inclusivity. At the same time, all our schools have an independence that allows them to best serve their communities, supported by delegation of a range of powers to our local governing boards.

As a growing Trust we are supporting our schools to excel through a strong central team, in addition to Governors, Trustees and Members who offer a variety of experience and expertise.

By working with employers and higher education providers we enrich learning opportunities and secure competitive destinations for pupils when they leave our care.

We focus on on-going evaluation and improvement, collaborating between schools and drawing on expertise both within and external to the Trust to ensure the best education, professional development, and value for money.


Our Core Values

  • We want our young people to be happy, caring, respectful and high achieving.
  • We believe that by working together to innovate teaching and learning we can inspire and release the potential of every child and young person.
  • We create an inclusive community where everyone is welcome whatever their beliefs, gender, age, sexuality, disability and race, so that no child is left behind.
  • We provide civilized and safe educational environments where children and young people can learn how to become good citizens.
  • We establish a culture and context in which church schools can grow and flourish with Christian values at their heart
  • Our staff are professional, caring and collaborative, treating colleagues and pupils with generosity of spirit.


Aims and Objectives of the Trust

Our aim is for our schools, both faith and non-faith, to share good practice, meeting the needs of our young people, our communities and our global society.



Our objectives are to:

  • Cultivate and value the achievements and positive attitudes of our young people whilst keeping them safe and well, ensuring equality and celebrating diversity.
  • Use expertise across the Trust to innovate teaching and learning to be at the forefront of educational practice and a self-improving organisation, preparing pupils for the changing world of work.
  • To continue to develop our school community through dissemination of good practice and interdependence
  • Develop a central team that offers expertise in many areas, supporting schools to build on their performance and ensure accountability and value for money.
  • Strengthen partnerships with external agencies, charities, local communities, and business to ensure that the education within the Trust is supported by a broad curriculum offer which promotes STEM as well as creativity, languages and humanities, and narrows the performance gap between groups of students.
  • Develop and retain strong leadership through on-going professional development supported by professional development, succession planning and addressing workload and the well-being of our workforce.