Inspiring children and young people in Uttoxeter and beyond

Inspired teaching and learning

Nurtured talents

Safe environments



Respectful relationships

Equality of opportunity

“Leaders value the support provided from the multi academy trust. Together all stakeholders are committed to meeting the needs of pupils and families in the local community.”

Ofsted inspection of All Saints CofE First School , June 2022

​About Uttoxeter Learning Trust

Uttoxeter Learning Trust has been on an incredible journey since April 2017, when we began with three founding schools.

We now have nine schools, educating children from reception year to sixth form. All those inspected by Ofsted have been rated Good or Outstanding.

We plan to grow within Uttoxeter and beyond, to become one of the leading multi-academy trusts in the country. As a school, find out more about joining us.


What we do

Our aim is for our schools, both faith and non-faith, to show excellence in meeting the needs of our young people, our communities and our global society.

We enable our schools to succeed through extensive training opportunities, plus specialist and operational support from our strong central team:

  • Cultivating and valuing the achievements and positive attitudes of our young people, whilst keeping them safe and well and ensuring equality.
  • Using Trust-wide expertise to innovate – to be at the forefront of educational practice, preparing pupils for the changing world of work.
  • Developing an expert team to support schools with their performance, ensuring accountability and value for money.
  • Strengthening partnerships with local communities and organisations – to offer the widest possible range of subjects and opportunities for all pupils.
  • Retaining strong leadership, through on-going professional development and a focus on the wellbeing of our workforce.


Our core values

  •  We want our young people to be happy, caring, respectful and high achieving.
  • We believe that by working together to innovate teaching and learning we can inspire and release the potential of every child and young person.
  • We create an inclusive community where everyone is welcome whatever their beliefs, gender, age, sexuality, disability and race, so that no child is left behind.
  • We provide civilized and safe educational environments where children and young people can learn how to become good citizens.
  • We establish a culture and context in which church schools can grow and flourish with Christian values at their heart
  • Our staff are professional, caring and collaborative, treating colleagues and pupils with generosity of spirt.